Thursday, January 28, 2010

GaGa To Open The Grammys

Perez Hilton and GaGa Daily have both reported that Lady GaGa will open the Grammys this Sunday. Perez Hilton says that this has been a secret for some time now, but it will be an amazing performance and you don't want to miss it. GaGa Daily also reported over their Twitter account that it will be a duet. GaGa Unlimited reported that the duet will be with Elton John. Lady GaGa is on her big game because she has been busy with her Monster Ball Tour. In other GaGa news, January 24 was the day that all the money from everything bought from Lady GaGa's official site and any merchandise purchased at her concert went to Haiti. The fans raised 500,000 dollars in that one day. I believe the Lady GaGa for Haiti shirts are still for sale, and there is still a link to buy one at the bottom of my blog. Props for GaGa for raising so much money, and I can't wait to see her performance.

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