Monday, February 22, 2010

78violet News

78violet (Aly & Aj) are no longer on Hollywood Records. Here is what their official newsletter said:
"Hey guys…so we know it’s been quiet in the 78violet camp but we want to first off thank you for sticking with us. We have some big news and wanted to make sure you hear it first.
Now tha
t it’s official, we can tell you we’re no longer a part of Hollywood Records. What does that mean exactly??? Now we have the freedom to take 78violet in the direction we want. We’re writing and recording new music and are really excited on what’s next.
So…what is next? As for the album we recorded for Hollywood, honestly, we don’t foresee it ever being released. But…we are continuing to write and record new songs that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.
We’re goin
g to be taking the Aly & AJ website down in the meantime which means the current message board will be removed and the accounts you created on the site will be put on hold. Yes…major bummer. But we’ll have a new message board and a new temporary site up in a few days that will serve as our main communication with you for the time being.
As always, you can get a hold of us on Twitter or Facebook.
We love you and are excited to share the new 78violet with you. Xoxo.
A+A, 78violet"
I'm not convinced that this is the very best thing for the group, but maybe it'll work out.

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