Friday, February 26, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Review: Top 24

(^My Top 3 This Week^)
Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Tyler Grady & Joe Munoz had to make their way home this week on Idol. I was not pleased with three of these four people. Tyler Grady was repulsive with everything he delivered on and off stage. It is safe to say I am not a fan of him. Ashley Rodriguez did well this week, granted she is not Leona Lewis, but she still sounded better than most of the other girls. Janell Wheeler didn't deliver like I know she can, and she should have had another chance. Joe Munoz did really good, especially compared to the other guys. Stupid American Idol gave him like no screen time, so that hurt him bad. My current top three contestants are Todrick Hall, Michelle Delamor, & Katelyn Epperly. I don't want to list my least favorites because not very many of them are any good.. I do have hope for Lacey Brown, Haeley Vaughn, and Katie Stevens though. They show potential to me. Also, Kris Allen performed last night, singing "Let it Be," which was performed a few seasons ago by the very talented Brooke White. See the performance below:

P.S. Hasn't Ellen been amazing on the show?! I love her!

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