Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Review: Top 16

(^My Top 3 This Week^)
Girls: Katie Stevens went first and didn't exactly hit it out of the park. She was pitchy, and just like the judges said, it simply didn't work. I don't actually mind that she stayed though, she has potential. Siobhan Magnus went next and didn't impress me much. She didn't make me sick, but it wasn't that good. Lacey Brown took the stage next with a bang. She continues to improve every week and I was so excited to see her make the top 12. Katelyn Epperly went next, which made me happy. She didn't sound quite as good as last week, but she still rocked it! She did what she does best and did an amazing job. Despite her amazingness, she was sent home over Pai9ge Miles. Why the he-- did she not stay!? She was the best girl out there, and didn't deserve to leave. She will be missed. Didi Benami was someone that I was on the fence about just giving up on. This week she jumped off that fence, and I think she improved a lot compared to her weeks of mimicking other artists. She was original and had a really good tone to her voice. Paige Miles (unfortunately) did horrible. I hate saying that someone was horribly, but she simply was. Hopefully she steps up her game, but I think that this week she might have been the weakest link. Crystal Bowersox should be at a street corner with a hat begging for money. She did okay at what she does, but the thing is.. there are so many people doing the same thing all over the world. Last & least was Lily Scot. She did bad! All of these girls are singer songwriters, and this girl is just not good. I suppose that's why she went home. That surprised me, but I was happy.
Guys: I'll start with Michael Lynch for the guys. He didn't do so well, but he is not too bad. He isn't the worst, or the best. Kara was pretty humorous with her fake cry after his performance. Kara reminded me of Emily Osment on "Hannah Montana" when she cries. I love the show, but I always laugh when they pretend to cry. (not the best acting) Casey James... what did he do? I honestly don't even remotely remember what he sang.. or how he did. (which means I probably didn't like it.) Aaron Kelly has no earthly idea who the heck he is. He actually has a pretty good voice, but I wish he would figure out what type of singer he wishes to be. He went from country, to the poppiest pop song ever, and then back to country. I don't know what to expect next week. Country?... Pop? Lee Dwyze sang the most popular Owl City song ever. Lee wants to be the next David Cook. (why? I have no idea, David sucks.) Also, Owl City songs only work when they sing them. Todrick Hall hit it out of the park! He did freaking amazing! And yet.. he went home, the most talented boy went home! America has some issues this week. Alex Lambert obviously wasn't going to last long, and he didn't. He just can't sing. Andrew Garcia's plan didn't work. Christina Aguilera is the only one who can pull off that song, no exceptions. Last, Tim Urban actually didn't do that bad. If he continues to improve, he might be okay, but not great. This all pretty much concludes to, this week sucked. Katelyn Epperly and Todrick Hall went home (along with Lily Scott & Alex Lambert) Below is Lacey Brown singing "The Story."

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