Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Valentines Day" Movie Review

Beware of spoilers. Wow. Keeping up with this movie makes you tired, but It is pretty much the 2nd most entertaining movie so far this year. (#1 being Alice In Wonderland) I know everyone wants me to address the Taylor/Taylor storyline, and It was pretty funny, but it was definitely not my favorite couple. One thing I found odd was, why are the two most masculine looking men the gay ones? I don't mind there being a gay couple, but I found that strange. I thought that the little boy (Bryce Robinson) was really cute! Some movies don't choose cute enough kids, but this kid is a doll! I thought Emma Robert's story line was probably the funniest, when she told her teacher she couldn't go because she planned to "have sex with her boyfriend at lunch" I was practically ROFL. I thought it was pretty funny that Anne Hathaway went from pleasuring people through the phone to being the nicest, purest woman in all the kingdom within weeks. But yeah, this movie is so worth seeing!
My Grade: A+

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