Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Review: Top 10

(^My Bottom 3 This Week^)
Well, each week Idol gets worse. This week they did R&B/Soul music with Usher as the mentor. He did a good job & Dirty Money did awesome on the result show & the lights were really cool. I'll start my review off with talking about the young ladies.
Didi Benami was sadly eliminated this week & I was pretty angry. Every time I choose to support someone they get kicked off. She did well & she did awesome when she was "fighting to stay in the competition" on the result show. Crystal Bowersox is still not that great to me. I should get used to her though because the judges are really pushing for her to win. She didn't suck too bad. Katie Stevens did really bad. She had no emotion and, not to be racist, but she sang it like a white girl. I still have faith in her though. Siobhan Magnus did the worst she has ever done. Man, I really wanted her to go home this week! My gosh! She just did so bad, it was repulsive.
Now for the boys; Michael Lynch did his same old, same old. And no, he didn't suck, but he is mediocre. Casey James & Lee Dwyze suck!! Why the heck are they still here? Aaron Kelly did well enough. He didn't amaze me, but he is good for a 16 year old. Andrew Garcia was okay, like always. Last, Tim Urban. The boy doesn't suck.. for a high school choir kid. He is not good enough to make it big, but evidently his appearance begs to differ. His smile is the only reason why he is still there, duh! Below is Dirty Money singing "Hello Good Morning"

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