Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Review: Top 9 Part 1

(^My Top 3 This Week^)

First of all, I know what you're thinking "why did GG12 put David and Riri on his top three? Well the answer is simple, the only person that did alright this week was Katie Stevens. I thought David did amazing this week & Rihanna did good as well, now for the contestants:
I'll begin with Crystal Bowersox, she yelled her way through the song. She was a bit worse than last week. Katie Stevens did well, while she wasn't mind blowing, she definitely did better than everyone else. Siobhan Magnus still did bad.. I just hate her voice. I don't know how she manages to open her moth so wide & still sing from her nostrils. Michael Lynch did alright, like always. I was a bit surprised to see him almost go home. He didn't go great, but he isn't the worst. Casey James & Lee Dwyze are STILL HERE?! I hate them.. Aaron Kelly did alright. I can't hate him because he has a good voice for a 17 year old, but he isn't ready. Andrew Garcia
must have studied up on his Chuck E. Cheese songs this week because he sounded just like that mouse. Props..? Tim Urban did alright again. His smile is beginning to get annoying though. Below is David Archuleta singing "Imagine," Riahnna singing "Rockstar 101" & Katie Stevens singing "Let it Be."

David Archuleta "Imagine"

Rihanna "Rockstar 101"

Katie Stevens "Let It Be"

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