Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Review: Top 5

(Lady GaGa)
This week on Idol Harry Connick Jr. perfomed "And I Love Her" & Lady GaGa performed "Alejandro" & she did so good! From her clothes (well.. lack of clothes) to her vocals, it was all outrageously amazing. As for the contestants, they weren't anywhere near GaGa standards. Crystal Bowersox.. well if I remembered a single note she sang, I'd tell you how I felt about it. Michael Lynch sang the same song as he has ever since the first time we saw him. (Wait, I was just informed that although he has sounded the same, he has in fact sang different songs. My bad) Casey James had me dashing to the bathroom to throw up. (I know what yall thought I was gonna say) Lee Dwyze sounds like he is a hardcore chain smoker going on 25 years. & poor Aaron Kelly.. although he did strain to hit each note, he did in fact do better than all of the other contestants, too bad he's gone. It's not a huge loss though. Below is the amazing "Alejandro" performance by Lady GaGa!

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