Thursday, March 11, 2010

"According To Greta" Movie Review

Hilary Duff stepped up her game for this movie. Lately she has been in such movies as "What Goes Up," and "War Inc." These movies have been really bad except for Hilary. She lights up the screen no matter what movie it is, but (finally) this movie has a really good script. Greta has a crappy mom who dumps Greta off at her grandparents house to work on her relationship with her new husband. We find out as the movie begins that Greta is messed up, but as the movie progresses, her attitude towards life turns around. She finds a boyfriend, and becomes close to her grandparents. The movie keeps you on your toes, wondering what Greta will ultimately do. The movie is happy, sad, and a bit funny at times. Hilary was brilliant and she shines throughout the movie. I really loved it, and if you haven't seen the movie, you really should.
Grade: A

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