Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Dear John" Movie Preview

First of all, I love Amanda Seyfried a lot, and I went into this movie with high expectations. I think the beginning was charming and fun. Seyfried and Tatum had really good chemistry and the story was quite good. I was really getting into it. The movie (if you didn't know) is about a young couple that meet over spring break get torn apart soon after they fall in love. He is forced to leave when he is called to go serve for the military. (Spoiler Alert) He plans to return to his love (Seyfried) after a year. When September 11 complicates things, he has to stay in the military for a few more years. They write eachother, until she informs him that she is getting married to an unlikely person. The story gets sadder as people die, and the main characters are forced to stay away from eachother due to the marriage. One thing I really liked was the ending. I feel that when they see eachother, it gives you confirmation that they will have a future together. Overall the movie was pretty good, but just not quite as good as I had wished.
Grade: A-

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