Friday, March 5, 2010

"Alice In Wonderland" Movie Review

"Alice In Wonderland" was freaking amazing. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp put their own strange, yet extremely entertaining twist on the film (just as we knew they would). Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, escapes to an imaginary land she calls Wonderland. She meets some loony characters like the Mad Hatter, and some evil ones like the Red Queen. The way they made the Red Queen was really awesome! Her head looked cool, that sounds dumb but you'll understand when you see it. Anne Hathaway did really well as the dramatically friendly White Queen. The movie has some really funny parts, some very strange parts, and some extremely awesome parts. GO SEE IT! Those of you who are hesitant to see it, just go and you will be surprised at how good it is.
My Grade: A+


  1. anyone who is hesitant to see this is crazy, and not in the hatter's sense!

  2. i can't wait to go see it!!!!!!